Dear 17 year old me,

Hi! This is almost-23 year old you.

You’re doing pretty alright. You still get pimples right in the effing center of your chin. You still suck at keeping up with a skincare routine. You’re loving your life anyways.

Even though it seems like the world to you right now.. In a year you’ll barely remember that you got student of the year, much less what grade you got on that one test that you thought was going to determine your entire future.

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Hey, friends!!

I’m so excited.. I’ve been working on a new project for you super behind the scenes!

I know I’ve been a little MIA from the blog lately, but as a special surprise, I wanted to bring you a present!

The Shine Bright eBook! A guidebook to living your most vibrant, radiant, happy life

This Shine Bright Guidebook includes:

  • Healthy breakfasts, lunches,

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Hey, friends!

I’ll be honest.. I’ve been trying to write this post for like 3 weeks, and it’s been really difficult for me.

I know that I have a lot of people who have seen me post about & praise Tone it Up (Karena & Katrina) in the past, but I felt like I NEEDED to share this, in case there were other people out there who were feeling the same way that I was.

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Hey friends!

Ok, I have to tell you all about my FAVE thing about the beachbody club membership.

I originally signed up for this because I wanted to try Insanity (spoiler, I never finished it.. oops)but it has since changed in so many ways, and I’m so excited to share my official review (I’ve only been using it for like 1.5 years… it’s not like this is a long time coming or anything 😂)

I have always LOVED at home workouts..

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