"carpe diem - seize the day, boys - make your life extraordinary" - Dead Poets Society


Hey friend! I'm Laura 😊

I am a 20-something on a mission to live my best life and to help other women live theirs.

I believe that you are worthy of the most vibrant, exciting, adventurous, FUN life you could ever imagine. If you have found your way over here, I know that you are looking for MORE - you want to feel like you're THRIVING, not just surviving.

Here's my stats:

I am a 20-something east coast Canadian girl, who is about to be transplanted into Ontario.

I studied chemical engineering, worked in a restaurant for almost 6 years & love being a health & wellness coach for women who are ready to feel confident again.

I live with Eric, my partner of almost 7 years - we're total opposites a lot of the time, but we share the same values and we love to laugh.


  • Harry Potter, Disney, sitcoms
  • AC/DC, Taylor Swift, GNR, Great Big Sea
  • Coffee, roasted veggies & carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  • Colored pens, Microsoft OneNote, organizational printables
  • Leopard print & royal blue
  • Traveling, adventures, getting outside
  • Laughing as often as I can with my family & friends


I have a piece of broken cartilage in my ear - I dropped a lawn chair on it!

My number one bucket list item is to visit all of the Disney parks around the world.

I love reading personal finance books - I'm a big weirdo like that.

I ran my first marathon at 20 years old - it was awful.

Eric and I met in a 10th grade science class that initially we weren't even supposed to be in - fate, eh?

Tandem bike ride through some wineries | laurasbestlife

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