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Busy Girls Guide to Self Care

Hey friends!

Where my busy girls at? Yeah, I know you got your hand raised. We’re ALLLLLLL busy. But here’s the thing… sometimes we need to remember:

“busy is not a badge of honor”

Sometimes, we just have to SLOW DOWN & take care of ourselves. If you’re here, then I know YOU know that in order for you to bring the best version of yourself to the people you love, you NEED to take care of yourself.

Here are my top tips for self care for any of us ladies who say — “I’m too busy, I’ll do it later (when I have more time)” — here’s a hint.. you never will, you’ll ALWAYS feel too busy.

Dance it Out

Have you ever been working so hard on a project that you feel like if you look at it for one more second, you will probably break your computer screen (with your forehead)? Yeah, me too. That’s why my best friend Danielle and I have a system.. if we see the other one about to go CRAZY, we put on J Biebs. Her fave is “Sorry” mine is “What Do You Mean?”, but the rule is, we both have to get up and dance. If there are other people around, we normally just ask them if they mind if we play a song (they never do), and most of the time, they get up and dance with us. If you’re stuck at your desk or in your office? Grab some headphones, go to the bathroom, and take a 3 minute dance break in there. Will you feel silly? YES. That’s the point.


I know, I know. You’re like.. I multitask every second of every day, and it DEFINITELY is not doing anything for my self care. I HEAR YOU. But, this is different. Is there anything you hate doing & you feel is a complete waste of time? For me, that’s driving. I understand the necessity of getting from point A to point B, but I hate that every day I have to completely write off 30 minutes of my life. You know what I do like though? Listening to audiobooks and podcasts. BOOM. Combine something you love with something you hate, and all of the sudden, the crappy thing isn’t so crappy.

Other suggestions:

  • Have a dance party while you clean
  • Watch your favourite trashy TV show while you fold laundry
  • Play with your puppy while you’re on the phone with your in-laws (I kid, I kid.. I love my almost in-laws, I swear πŸ™‚ )

Make Everything You Do More Pleasurable

After listening to this episode of The Lively Show (one of my fave podcasts, btw!), I loved the idea of making EVERYTHING you do more pleasurable.

Have to study?Β Light a candle.Β Standing in line?Β Watch a youtube videoΒ (assuming you have WiFi!) Forced to get out of your PJs?Β Better make sure you LOVE the clothes you’re wearing.

What are your best tips for busy girls who are trying to work on self care?

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