Vibrant Life Project


a fun & healthy adventure for babes who are ready to live their most vibrant life

This project is about creating a community of women who are looking for a way to live their most vibrant life. It’s about having fun, being healthy & spreading joy & positivity wherever we go.

Maybe you’re sick & tired of feeling sick & tired – low energy, low confidence, like you’re not enough.

Maybe you have that voice in your head when you’re trying to fall asleep at night that wonders if you’ll ever feel like you’re not on a hamster wheel, going through the motions every day, but never getting closer to living the life you dreamed about.

I’ve been there. And I still am there some nights. But I’m on a journey, and I want you to join me.

I’m looking specifically for all my babes out there who want to feel confident, live big & create this AMAZING space with me. I even wrote this manifesto for us:



Best of 2015: Fashion

This life is a JOURNEY.

Everyday we have 2 options – to treat the everyday as mundane or to live VIBRANTLY.

It’s the little things we do everyday that make a big difference in how we FEEL about our lives.

Confidence. Fun. Health. Wealth. Adventure. 

Daily habits like working out, eating well, telling people you love them, wearing outfits that make you feel AMAZING, saving money for the things you LOVE to splurge on, loving yourself more & more everyday.

The Vibrant Life Project is my gift to you, an exclusive experience I’ve created for women who want to figure out what this beautiful life can look like. 

Apply Now

Are You Ready to:

Feel sexy & confident AF in your own skin
Take care of your body by feeding it GOOD FOOD
Move yourself in a loving way to give you endorphins (endorphins make you happy!)
Have FUN living a healthy life!
Start showing up for YOU.
Live your most VIBRANT LIFE – every damn day.

And Feel:

Energized & ready to take on the world
In love with yourself & your LIFE
Excited to get up every morning
Like you’re making the most of each day

Then you’re already part of the tribe – and this is the perfect project for you.

Hey girl! I’m Laura 🙂

I’m a recovering perfectionist, a coffee lover, a beauty junkie & your new health & wellness coach – here to help you live your best life.

I’ve seen what both sides of a healthy life can look like – by the book healthy where your body feels amazing & you’re seeing so many physical changes, but you feel like you can’t indulge when you go out with friends or like you’re missing out on experiences.

Or when you’re having so much fun and really living every experience, but your body feels like crap & you no longer feel COMFORTABLE.

I’ve been working on the happy balance and I want to share all I’ve learned in the past 2 years with you. The tools – nutrition, fitness, self care, that I personally use to help keep me on track.

I’ve learned how to eat to fuel my body – to workout because I love the way it makes me feel – to enjoy experiences with my friends & family – to truly feel like I’m getting the most out of every day.

I KNEW that there were other people out there who HAD to feel the same way I did – so I created a community for us to share our journeys.

Notes from the Tribe

This has been good! I have eaten so much better this month and I could definitely tell in my 5k. I usually feel sick around mile two and I always just thought it was what I ate for breakfast. This time I felt amazing the whole race and I’m pretty sure it’s due to eating better. Its a really great feeling 🙂

S. N.
I would recommend this bootcamp to literally anyone who would listen. If you have a hard time committing to yourself, committing to your workouts and your meal plans – you can benefit from this. Having a bunch of people cheering you on might not seem like much but I swear when you have that day where you just “can’t even” you will still workout because you need to do your check-in for your insane team.
J. D.
I would [recommend the challenge pack], it’s the total package. You get everything to be at your optimal capacity and the results come in when you’re at your optimal capacity.
S. M.
First of all my biggest take away from the challenge was learning about portion control and the right types of food to fuel my body. I also learned that it is very important to meal prep and cooking at home is key!

I lost 6.8 pounds and I struggled in the middle with some bad eating habits and stopping my workouts personally I am very happy that I could get myself back on track and still lose this amount of weight !!

As for emotional and mental changes I feel like I am better able to deal with stress and have definitely been a more positive person!

I am most proud of myself for finishing this program strong and learning about a lifestyle that I can maintain. I am very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle instead of going on “diets”.

S. B.

So what is The Vibrant Life Project, exactly?

glad you asked 😉

A blend of 1:1 coaching with Laura & group support in our virtual community. A results centered experience designed to help you get healthy & live your most vibrant life. We want to help you reach your badass goals while finding that happy balance you crave.

I’ll give you the resources, tools and accountability you need to learn how to establish healthy habits in a FUN way, throw those excuses out the window, show your body (and MIND) some major LOVE and uncover the vibrant and fan-freaking-tastic woman who is already inside of you.

What to Expect:

  • 1 x 30 min COMPLIMENTARY call with me to chat goals over a cup of coffee & create a game plan that fits YOUR life – every single month.
  • nutrition plan that lets you eat REAL FOOD & a suite of WORLD CLASS fitness programs that you can do from the comfort of your living room – we’ll find one that’s perfect for your needs & goals
  • Super yummy superfood shakes (all natural!) to help you beat cravings and feel more energized! NOURISH your body from the inside out.

Plus these Extras:

  • Support, accountability & love in our ongoing private facebook community – you can get group & personal coaching at any time.
  • resource vault full of beautiful tools to make sure you’re staying on track with your goals – with more being added all the time.
  • Monthly mini-challenges designed to help you in the moment
  • Seasonal bucket lists & tons of great extra content to SQUEEZE the most out of life!


I’m all yours with the purchase of a Beachbody Challenge Pack –
a single purchase gets you lifetime access.

let’s get real – it’s less than a trip to Target

Challenge packs start at $160USD/$186CAD & I’ll help you find one that is the best value for you & YOUR goals! 

This is an investment in YOU, you beautiful, crazy, gorgeous, wonderful woman. I know you might feel like you aren’t worth it, but I promise you, YOU ARE. When you make this commitment, I make the commitment to be your success partner FOR LIFE. Through thick & thin, off the wagon, on the wagon, I’m always there for support & a listening ear.

I know there’s a million excuses running through your mind right now as for why this isn’t the right time or you don’t have the cash, but I also know that if you’ve made it this far, there’s a small voice that’s growing louder that says “this is me – this is what I need”.

It’s scary as hell to listen to that voice, to leave your comfort zone. But change doesn’t come from comfort zones.

I want this to be a super fun way for you to make these changes in your life.

I want you to live vibrantly.

Are you ready?

When you fill out the application, I’ll get in touch over email and we’ll set up a time to chat and figure out the best game plan for you & your goals! You’ve got this girl!

If you have any questions/concerns, shoot me a message –

Can’t wait to work with you!

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